Playful Baby Whale Shows Off Newfound Swimming Skills

Now this is a family photo op.

The video above shows two adult humpback whales and a calf swimming together. While the adults are all business, the calf playfully spins and twists through the water, even nuzzling up to its mom at one point.

The footage was shot by Hawaii-based videographer Eric Sterman. Last winter, while watching the waves on Oahu's North Shore, Sterman spotted the group of whales on the horizon. He quickly launched his drone and began filming the whales, while making sure to keep his distance so as not to disturb them.

"It was amazing to view them from an aerial perspective and I was surprised to see the calf give its mother a hug," Sterman told The Huffington Post. "Goes to show how much love these creatures have for one another."

Humpback whales migrate to the warm waters of Hawaii in large numbers during the winter to breed, and many calves are born in Hawaiian waters each year. Though humpback whale fathers don't necessarily stay with their calves, 85 percent of calf and mother pairs are accompanied by a male "escort."

The entire video is sweet as can be, but the blowhole rainbow finale is the cherry on top.



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