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Baby Boy With Two Heads: Brazilian Mother Expecting Twins Gives Birth To Two-Headed Child (VIDEO)

One mother learned her baby had two heads just moments before giving birth via Cesarean section in northern Brazil Monday morning.

Doctors say the babies, which have two heads and share one body, are conjoined twins with functioning organs.

The mother did not receive ultrasound scans throughout her pregnancy, but later told doctors she was initially told she was expecting twins, the Daily Mail reports.

The babies each have their own spines but share one heart, liver, pelvis and pair of lungs. She named the boys Jesus and Emanuel.

Doctors say they're still uncertain about how the twins will fare in the future, the Associated Press reports.

One baby is having respiratory problems, but both have begun nursing.

"What we've got to think about at this moment is to maintain the children in good condition and see how they will develop," Neila Dahas an obstetrician and gynecologist told reporters during a press conference, the Daily Mail reports.

The boys will not be able to be separated since they share vital organs, the New York Post reports.

"I want her [the mother] to understand that she does not have a monstrous son, a son with two heads, but she has two sons," Dahas told reporters.

The mother is reportedly excited to take her sons home following additional testing.

For more on the story, view the video report above.

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