Baby, You Can Drive My Husband's Car

I had a very encouraging experience Tuesday morning on a conference call with student reporters from colleges around the country to announce mtvU's new "Curb Global Warming Sweepstakes." The top prize is my husband Larry's beloved Toyota Prius -- a giveaway designed to motivate students to join the Stop Global Warming Virtual March on Washington.

I was very impressed by the thoughtful questions about global warming asked by all the student reporters. During the call, they had free reign to ask anything they wanted of an environmental activist (me) or an elusive comedy star whose cult classic TV series is about to premiere its new season (Larry). I was pretty darn sure I would have to forcibly insert myself into the conversation at some point, but to my surprise every single question on the call was directed towards "the environmentalist." This is a true sign that our college campuses are engaging big time on an issue that is going to have a major impact on young people's lives.

I actually started to feel a little sorry for Larry, so I asked him a question myself: "Larry, is it true you are in love with the voice of the GPS system in your car?"

"Yes, it's true," he replied. "She's patient and understanding. She doesn't talk back and she always knows where she's going. She's everything I've always wanted in a woman."

mtvU reaches 8 million students and we need every single one of them virtually marching on the Internet to demand that our leaders start solving global warming now.

And if it takes giving away my husband's car -- and his GPS dream woman -- to make that happen, so be it.