Babycup is Blowing the Lid Off the Way We Feed Babies

There are no fewer than 47 cups in my cabinet right now. With three children in the house, there are three drastically different textural preferences and fictional character obsessions involved. It’s often a sense of frustration. I mean, do we really need 15 cups per child? If only we could keep it simple, bypassing the constant issue of trying to match up a cup with its elusive lid, a thermos with the only straw that fits its hole. The Babycup’s goal is exactly that, while also keeping your child’s health and comfort in mind.

The Babycup eliminates the need for sucker cups, improving dental health.
The Babycup eliminates the need for sucker cups, improving dental health.

Coming in four bold colors, the Babycup is a BPA-free, lidless 5 cm tall and 50 ML deep cup set out to replace the traditional “sucker” types that could negatively impact the child’s dental health.

“As Babycup is an open cup, it reduces the chances of acid erosion to teeth. It’s also small so babies and young children can easily learn to sip from it,” says Dr. Grant McAree.

The cup is designed to improve eye-hand coordination, and the recommended age of introduction to the Babycup is six months (which is what NHS guidelines suggest as the preferred timeframe), but of course each parent should use his/her best judgment.

Naturally, the immediate concern for some might be an increase in spills. And yes, this cup does require some hands-on facilitation from the parent, and you’ll likely want to begin with one or two ounces until your child has mastered their “grip and sip.” But as a fairly seasoned dad, I can assure you that the adage is true – not worth crying over spilled milk.

The Babycup (contains set of four) is currently available for $12.99 in the Babycup shop.

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