Babysitter Sexually Abused 2-Year-Old Girl On Video, Police Say

The victim's mother found sickening videos on his phone.

A Mesa, Arizona, man faces at least 19 criminal counts stemming from his alleged sexual abuse of a little girl whom he was trusted to babysit

Daniel Boyd Divit, 51, is expected to be charged with 12 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and seven counts of sexual conduct with a minor, according to police.

He told investigators that he "blacked out [the] memories," according to Arizona Central. But police said there's plenty of evidence in the form of disturbing videos that they suspect he took.

According to court documents, Divit watched the 2-year-old victim on Saturdays while her mother was at work.

On Aug. 9, the woman discovered sickening photos and videos of her daughter on Divit's cell phone. She texted one to herself to preserve it in case Divit deleted them, then notified police, according to ABC 15. Officers arrested Divit that same day. 

When investigators conducted a forensic search on his phone, they recovered videos and images of a man touching the girl's private parts and committing sex acts on her in her own home. Police said the girl was in visible pain. 

In all, police found 13 videos and photos featuring the same victim, dated July 18, Aug. 1 and Aug. 8 -- all Saturdays when Divit babysat the toddler. 

Divit admitted having the photos and videos, but says he doesn't remember taking them. He was held without bail and is due in court Aug. 18. 

Divit does not appear on Arizona's sex offender registry.

In 2013, a worker at an Ohio daycare was charged with raping four young children after police discovered videos of the alleged acts on a laptop belonging to her boyfriend, a registered sex offender. Police said the incidents took place at the daycare while she was on duty.  

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