What Your Favorite 'Babysitters Club' Character Says About You

One of the best things about Ann M. Martin's "The Babysitter's Club" series was feeling like you really identified with one of the girls. Maybe you liked Claudia for being an artist and always bringing her art box to her babysitting gigs (we have to admit that we copied her) or Dawn because she was a blonde California girl, just like you. Or maybe you were more of a bookworm, like Maryanne.

These girls had very distinctive characteristics, and your favorite, no doubt, describes exactly who you are as a person.

So, without further ado, here is what your favorite "Babysitters Club" member says about YOU:


Kristy Thomas (President): You are obviously the responsible one. You don't put too much stock in your clothing, and you love participating in and watching sports. You take charge, and you get things done. In fact, you're a natural leader who often has great ideas. The downside of all of this? You can also be quite bossy sometimes.


Claudia Kishi (Vice President): You are probably artistically inclined (or maybe you like the idea of being artistically inclined). You are creative and eccentric, with a very "out there" personality. You might not have been that great at getting good grades in school, but what does that matter? You're an artist. You might also feel like you are the black sheep of your family, and that they really don't get where you're coming from. Hang in there, all of you Claudias out there! It gets better as you get older!

mary ann

Mary Anne Spier (Secretary): You are definitely a bookworm, no doubt about it. You're very organized and you've got great handwriting! Go you! You're also an amazing friend and girlfriend. You are shy, but that's okay, because you're a great listener.


Stacey McGill (Treasurer):You are extremely style-savvy, a very sophisticated dresser. You might have some kind of setback in life, but despite this, you maintain a positive attitude. You're on the more logical side, gifted in math and science. You're mature for your age.


Dawn Schafer (Alternate Officer): You're a free spirit -- a California girl at heart. You're a super healthy eater, maybe even a vegetarian. You care deeply about protecting the environment, and you do everything in your power to contribute to saving it. You're an individual, and don't care what other people think.


Mallory Pike (Junior Officer): You like hanging out with an older crowd. You probably feel like your parents always treated you as though you were young than you were, but you were actually very mature for your age. You love horses, reading, writing and/or drawing.


Jessica Ramsey (Junior Officer): You're a great dancer and you love books about horses.


Logan Bruno (Associate Member): You're probably just boy-crazy, but even we have to admit that Logan was pretty charming (that Southern accent!).


Shannon Kilbourne (Associate Member): You are an overachiever, and you love to be involved in as many different activities as possible. You also love dogs.


Abby Stevenson (Alternate Officer): You, like Stacey, may have some kind of major setback in life. But that doesn't get you down! You're still funny, and also a great athlete.

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