Bach Meets The Jackson 5 In This Fabulously Funky Mashup By The Piano Guys

What if the 1770s “collided with the 1970s”? What if J.S. Bach and The Jackson 5 got together and “just jammed”?

If this unexpectedly awesome mashup is anything to go by, the answer is: complete and utter funkiness.

In the video above, watch as YouTube’s The Piano Guys mix the Jackson 5’s 1969 hit “I Want You Back” with some classical Bach numbers.

“To our knowledge the likes of electric cello, grand piano, harpsichord, Baroque cello, talk box, and kick drum have never gigged together. Until now,” the group wrote on YouTube. “It’s totally the battle of the 70’s -- the 1770s and the 1970s … can you dig?”

Since being uploaded on March 17, “I Want You Bach” has been watched more than 500,000 times.



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