‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale: Three Engagements, Four Rings

The hosts of our “Here To Make Friends” podcast hand out superlatives from the “Bachelor in Paradise” season finale.

The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” are ready to commit to forever. Claire Fallon and Leigh Blickley celebrate every delicious moment of the “Bachelor In Paradise” season finale, including the most emotional proposal, the most frustrating check-in, and who has clearly been bingeing courtroom dramas since “Paradise.”

It’s raining rose petals in Bachelor Nation. There’s so much love, Chris Harrison can barely remember who’s engaged, who’s married, and who Nicole and Clay are, apparently.

The other three final Paradise couples are planning to tie the knot, although Katie and Chris need to work on some mutual tank-filling before heading to the altar. Chris may need a lesson in romantic gestures from Tayshia, who makes a cross-country flight to rekindle her relationship with John Paul Jones — camera crew in tow, of course. Because no season finale is complete without conflict, Blake takes the hot seat and tries very hard not to apologize for his ill-advised tweets. And in the least-surprising surprise, Pilot Pete is revealed to be the next Bachelor. Here’s hoping for more windmills in 2020.

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