Bachelor Jake Pavelka In Playgirl?

Vienna Girardi has announced her intention to pose for Playboy--much to the magazine's surprise--and now her ex-fiance, former 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka has been approached by Playgirl.

A rep for Playgirl tells Popeater:

"We're determining the value of a shoot with Jake, who exemplifies our classic American guy at Playgirl. It's obvious he likes the limelight, and I intuit that he looks good naked. Most people realize that reality show fame is fleeting and largely a dead end for the actors, so this is a way to extend that fame, and make a cute profit off of it."

Jake's potential profit has yet to be determined, but the rep says it would definitely have six figures.

Jake is not the first reality star to be approach by Playgirl. Earlier this year the magazine offered Jon Gosselin $20,000 to pose nude, plus an additional $10,000 for each penis inch over four. Then there is Levi Johnston, not a reality star but also of dubious celebrity, who posed nude on the magazine's winter cover.