How to Turn A Messy Bachelor Pad Into an Organized Sanctuary

In case you're eating in the recliner next to last week's socks.
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Teenage boy's messy room. Tilt shift lens, with focus on pillow & comforter
Teenage boy's messy room. Tilt shift lens, with focus on pillow & comforter

Still living out of boxes and eating in the recliner next to last week's socks? It's time to take a time out from those messy bachelor habits and get in the organized zone! In order to get and stay organize, bachelors should think of their pads as various zones (like in football) in order to divide and conquer. Below are essential tips needed for each zone of a bachelor's apartment.

The Entry Zone
The first space when you walk in the door is most essential to keeping a pad organized. Let's face it, shoes are always hard to keep track of and end up being cluttered throughout your place. By investing in a shoe rack you not only keep all your shoes in the same space you remind yourself to take your shoes off right when entering your pad.

The Work Zone
Get with the times bachelors! Make your work zone tech-savy in order to be clutter-free. One way to keep your information organized is by managing your contacts in your smart phone -- keeping the data up-to-date and deleting contacts that are no longer needed. Another tech tip is to buy an external hard drive and back up all of the files on your computer on it so that you never lose any important information. Back up and sync your data a couple of times a week in order to prevent total data loss in case you lose your phone or your computer crashes.

The Chow Zone
Stay healthy and save money by eating in most days of the week. Each week, create a simple meal plan, write up a shopping list (or use a handy app, like Grocery iQ, on your phone so you have it with you at all times) and shop weekly. Your menu doesn't have to be complicated and can simply rotate through five to 10 favorite meals. Having a list ensures you have what you need and keeps you from straying to junk food. For easy meal prep, keep your freezer, refrigerator and pantry stocked with "staples" (ground beef/turkey, chicken, pork chops, pasta, rice, beans, vegetables, fruits, etc.) that will allow you to make a variety of dishes.

The Thread Zone
Establish a weekly laundry day as a way to avoid having to wear something inappropriate to work or another event because nothing is clean. Place a sorting hamper in the bathroom or bedroom (wherever you typically get undressed) so you can sort your lights and darks as you take them off. Having a laundry hamper provides a place for the dirty clothes and keeps them off the floor, which women find unattractive! When laundry day comes, you're already sorted and are ready to wash.

The End Zone
A bachelor's favorite space is his living room, therefore it is the most prone to getting cluttered. One way a bachelor can keep his living room tidy is by purchasing a storage ottoman. The ottoman allows the bachelor to store items that tend to cause clutter such as blankets, remotes, magazines, etc. The ottoman also is a great piece of furniture that allows a bachelor to kick his feet up while watching a game!

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