'Bachelor' Peter Weber's Mom Barb May Return To TV Before He Does

"Bachelor in Paradise" or "Dancing With The Stars"? An ABC exec said the network would be happy to hear Barb Weber's thoughts.

It’s very unlikely “Bachelor” star Peter Weber will be returning to the show anytime soon, but ABC executives wouldn’t mind working with his opinionated and passionate mom, Barbara Weber.

ABC’s reality chief Rob Mills told Variety on Wednesday that the network is very open to the idea of having Barbara Weber — or Barb, as she’s known by fans — be involved with the Bachelor franchise moving forward.

“Anywhere Barbara wants a place in Bachelor Nation, she’s got it,” he said. “She’s certainly somebody with a lot of love to give.”

She became a viral sensation with fans earlier in the season thanks to repeated previews of a scene where she expressed her affection for one of Peter Weber’s final two choices, imploring him to “bring her home.”

But things really came to a head on Tuesday night, when she flat out told her son, his final choice Madison Prewett, and the rest of the world that she didn’t think the relationship would work and he would have to “fail to succeed.”

Mills said that he was surprised at how far Barb Weber went to express her disapproval, but admitted it was “great TV.”

“We knew that she was not necessarily thrilled that Peter had reconciled with Madison, but this was truly a little bit scary because it was live and nobody knows what she’s going to say,” he told Variety.  

Because Peter Weber and Prewett only got back together during Tuesday’s finale, Mills says the couple isn’t doing the usual round of media interviews that typically follows the end of a season of “The Bachelor.”

“I think Peter and Madison are trying to figure their way out and what’s next for them,” Mills told The Hollywood Reporter. “I think that answering a million questions right now when they haven’t had the time to ask those questions of themselves would have been really difficult and kind of a gauntlet.”

Although the show may follow up with the couple if it’s warranted, Mills seemed more open to working with Barb Weber, whether that means co-hosting “The Bachelor’s” upcoming “Senior Edition,” or being a bartender on “Bachelor In Paradise.”

“I’ve also seen a lot of people asking if she’d be on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’” Mills said. ”If Barb is interested in something, we’d always sit down with her.”

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