'Bachelor' Peter Weber Blames 'Dumb Decisions' On Having To Date So Many Women

"Pilot Pete" insisted that he's not making those "dumb decisions on purpose."

The Bachelor” star Peter Weber has been taking a lot of heat this season for his bizarre dating decisions, and he admits he’s cringed a bit when he’s watching the episodes.

Weber ― aka “Pilot Pete” ― recently appeared on former “Bachelor” lead Nick Viall’s podcast to explain the unexpected challenges he’s faced while trying to find love on the ABC dating show.

One big hurdle: rewatching his behavior on TV.

“It’s a lot harder watching this back for me. ... It’s way harder than I ever thought it would be,” Weber admitted.

Throughout the season, Weber has favored contestants who seem more ready to get into stupid fights and crying jags rather than stable women who are legitimately trying to settle down.

Weber is aware of how he’s coming across on TV, but offered this caveat that will surely ring true for anyone who have ever tried to woo 30 people at once.

“I’m making decisions in the moment based off the information I have,” he said. I’m not making dumb decisions on purpose. I know everyone thinks I am and everyone thinks I’m being indecisive. And yeah, there was a lot of indecision, but that’s what you get when you date so many women at once.”

Weber has been obsessed with making sure the women vying to become a successful Instagram influencer for his affections are ― let’s say it all together ― “there for the right reasons.”

“If they didn’t want to be there, I didn’t want them there,” he said. “I only want someone here that actually wants to pursue something with me.”

Cosmopolitan writer Starr Bowenback suggested that his hope that all 30 women went on the show just to win his heart may be a bit unrealistic.

“Does he really believe that any of the women would dip out and pass up on their chance to be on national television???” she wrote.

Weber’s choices — such as sending one woman home based solely on comments made by another contestant only to bring her back again and then send her home again — have led to many people calling him the “worst Bachelor ever.”

As a result, Weber told E! News last week that he’s “definitely getting some tough skin now,” but isn’t enjoying all the animosity he’s getting.

“I understand that there’s a lot of drama drama right now and things are kind of crazy, but I do think it’s a little ... it’s too bad a lot of the criticism and a lot of hate that’s kind of been kind of coming out,” he added.

Viall understood Weber’s situation, but couldn’t help teasing his fellow “Bachelor.”

“Watching it back, Peter, you love a crier,” Viall said.

Weber couldn’t argue.

“Yeah, I do,” he said. “You know what, I do.”

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