'Bachelor' Peter Weber Says He Wasn't Given A 'No Sex' Ultimatum

Madison Prewett told “Pilot Pete” that she couldn’t move forward with him if he had sex with the other finalists in Fantasy Suites week.

When is an ultimatum truly an ultimatum?

Well, one person not to ask may be “The Bachelor” star Peter Weber.

He insists that a statement by finalist Madison Prewett that he shouldn’t have sex with the other two finalists if he wanted a relationship with her was not an “ultimatum.”

During Monday’s episode, Prewett told Weber that she’s a virgin and saving herself for marriage.

Prewett also told “Pilot Pete” that it would be “really hard” for her to move forward in their relationship if he had sex with Hannah Ann Sluss or Victoria Fuller during the show’s Fantasy Suites week.

She said she didn’t want to put him in an uncomfortable position or give him an ultimatum, but if he should sleep with the other women, her beliefs would require her to walk away.

And Prewett did ― at least for the episode that aired Monday.

While her actions would seem to fit the basic definition of “ultimatum,” Weber, looking back on the filming of the series, doesn’t agree with that assessment.

“I could tell she was very comfortable and did not want it to come across as an ultimatum,” Weber told The Hollywood Reporter. “There’s a difference there. And she just felt like it was important for me to know if I did something like that, it would be tough for her to move forward with the relationship. I can’t fault her for just sharing her heart.”

Weber said that he respects Prewett’s decision to save sex for marriage while noting his own desire to make hay while he can.

“It’s a beautiful thing that someone wants to give that kind of gift, in my opinion, to someone else,” he said. “Obviously, I have a different lifestyle and we’re different in that regard, and there’s no secret about that and that’s OK. And I think it has the opportunity to make for a beautiful story of two different people coming together and having different viewpoints.”

He also suggested that the complete story between him and Prewett may not be over just yet.

“They say opposites attract, or whatnot. But I think if you can find a compromise, it can be a great relationship,” he said.


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