'Bachelor: Women Tell All' Preview Has Us Sweating With Anticipation

Olivia is back, and ready to address the ladies and Ben.

This Monday, get answers right from Olivia's mouth on Women Tell All! #TheBachelor

Posted by The Bachelor on Friday, March 4, 2016

"The Bachelor" Season 20 is nearing its end, which means only one thing: it's time for the "Women Tell All" special. 

On Monday, Ben Higgins will confront all the ladies he sent home, including the most recent castoff Caila Quinn and this season's so-called "villain," Olivia Caridi. 

Caridi, who thought she was the front-runner and gave off a Courtney Robertson "winning" vibe on the show, recently told Glamour that she didn't feel like the real "Olivia" ever made it to air.

"It was a tough experience. I had a rough time," she said, adding of Higgins, "I don't think we were meant for each other, no matter how many times I professed my love."

But despite coming off as cunning and narcissistic, in a new sneak peek clip from the "Women Tell All" special, a teary-eyed Caridi tells host Chris Harrison, "I was severely bullied." Guess we'll have to stay tuned for Monday's show to find out how the other women reacted to that statement. 

Watch the full preview clip above. 



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