‘Bachelorette’ Firmly Announces Finale Of The ‘Luke P. Show’

The hosts of our “Here to Make Friends” podcast hand out superlatives from Week 11 of Hannah Brown’s season.

The men tell all, and so do the hosts of “Here to Make Friends.” Claire Fallon and Emma Gray catch up with the guys and present more “Bachelorette” superlatives, including the best new feminist ally and who (in spite of his best efforts) completely failed to make the episode all about him. Plus, it’s their last chance to predict who will win the final rose.

At long last, credits roll on “The Luke P. Show,” but not before an infuriating series finale. Luke crashes the rose ceremony, willfully ignoring Hannah’s repeated rejections and feng shui. He fares even worse in the Tell-All hot seat. Despite attempts to “be clear,” “clarify” and avoid being “misconstrued,” Luke still stuns the audience with his misogynistic worldview. On the plus side, he gives the other bachelors a chance to flex their feminist muscles and teach lessons in consent. Also, Mike bares his soul and breaks our hearts — but did we notice a very Bachelor-friendly edit? Hannah’s a fan, and so are we.

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