‘Bachelorette’ Fantasy Suites Week Takes An Extreme Turn

S**t hit the windmill.

The hosts of “Here to Make Friends” can’t believe they’re waking up next to you. Claire Fallon and Emma Gray hand out superlatives in what was itself a superlative episode of the “Bachelorette,” including best dating role model and the most satisfying one-liner to emerge from Hannah’s disastrous (and, mercifully, final) date with Luke.

It’s Fantasy Suite week on Crete. After setting sail on the Aegean, Peter professes his love for both Hannah and a boat. Hannah tries to focus on emotional intimacy with Tyler, whose respect for her boundaries might have been even sexier than the couple’s massage. Later, Jed plays with fire on his date when he makes Hannah defend her relationship with Luke. He needn’t have bothered, as Luke self-immolates in a spectacular blaze of misogyny and knuckle cracking.

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