Bachelorette Music Video: Over-Analyzing The Soulja Boy, Reality Show Collaboration

It's time to return to one of the best music videos of the year. Already leaked in May, ABC has finally released the official version of "Bachelorette" Desiree and Soulja Boy's music video masterpiece for "Right Reasons" to coincide with the latest episode. Although the video is arguably perfect all the way through, here are a few notes on parts that are especially perfect.

-The first screen calls this a deleted scene. They centered an episode around making this video and then deemed it unworthy of any final cut.

-Soulja's first rhyme is, "You look [unintelligible], maybe you should go ahead and do some contemplating."

-The "I Heart Dad" shirt.

-At :53 when they start throwing dead leaves. Sort of like they're throwing money and trying to convey they're "rolling deep" but he's pulling them out of a bucket and once again they're dead leaves.

-Dead Leaves Follow-Up: Seconds later when he takes a shower in dead leaves. Maybe if they had made it rain earlier/correctly the leaves wouldn't have died.

-At 1:00 when the "manager" gives a thumbs-up and there's a cha-ching noise.

-Whenever the camera points to Soulja Boy and he just says "yo" in the background and laughs to himself.

-When one of the guys is dancing and his sunglasses accidentally fall down on to his face.

-Dead Leaves Follow-Up/Snow Edition: The hook becomes clear that these guys want this girl in every season. They huddle for warmth in fake snow and the dead leaves from earlier start making much more sense.

-At 1:59 when Soulja Boy says to keep going and then they don't.

-The guy shaking a skateboard in the last big group shot.

-The spoiler alert that Soulja Boy wins the Bachelorette.