This Epic Bachelorette Party Blows All Those Boozy Fests Out Of The Water

This Epic Bachelorette Party Blows All Those Boozy Fests Out Of The Water

A bride-to-be decided to forego the typical boozy bachelorette party, opting instead for an epic music video shoot. We can't say we're disappointed.

Ahead of her wedding on Aug. 31, Los Angeles TV writer Lauren MacKenzie enlisted the help of production company Rantze + Raves to produce the VMA-worthy video.

MacKenzie says she was one of the last in her group of friends to get married, so she wanted to try something different.

"I’ve been to every kind of bachelorette possible. Last year, I went to Vegas four times," she told The Huffington Post. "So I wanted to do something different… something that ALL of the women in my life could participate in (yes, including Grandma)."

The video features MacKenzie's closest friends and family and begins with a glammed-up version of "Be My Baby." The music then cuts to Beyoncᅢᄅ's "Crazy In Love," and Mackenzie and her bridal party -- including grandma -- bust out some impressive Queen B moves. It doesn't stop there, though; the group's Beyoncᅢᄅ performance turns swiftly into a black light party with everyone dancing to "Timber."

MacKenzie said the whole video shoot was a "blast," adding that "the hardest part of the whole thing was trying to get my grandma to act like a bad ass. She wouldn't stop smiling! Of course in the end, she completely steals the show."

In order to pull the whole thing off without a hitch, MacKenzie hired a full production staff -- including a choreographer, a makeup artist and a director of photography -- to work behind the scenes. Prior to the big shoot, the team uploaded the choreography to YouTube so everyone could learn at home.

"All the girls practiced in their living rooms," MacKenzie told HuffPost. "The first time we did it all together was the day of the shoot! Luckily it was edited together so it looked like we knew what we were doing."

MacKenzie married fellow TV writer Andrew Gettens in an untraditional ceremony at CBS studios in LA where they reenacted a series of scenes from their relationships in front of their friends and family. The music video made its debut at the wedding. Everyone was "shocked" by it, she told HuffPost of the final product.

Watch the video above; it might make you rethink that girls' weekend in Vegas.

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post misstated Andrew Gettens last name as Garrett.

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