Bachelorette Party Crashes BBC's Live Olympic Coverage

The perils of live TV.

The BBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games was interrupted on Saturday night by a boisterous bachelorette party.

Host Dan Walker was presenting live on BBC Four from Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach when a bride-to-be crashed the set. Footage showed him inviting a woman named Maria to sit for an interview.

But after revealing that she was tying the knot in one month, Marie took complete control of the proceedings, and before long was leading her friends in chanting the name of the British broadcaster.

”BBC, BBC, BBC,” the women all shouted as Walker struggled to stifle a laugh. The broadcaster posted the video to YouTube on Sunday, and it went viral.

The bachelorette later identified herself on Twitter as being Rio resident Maria De Cezar.

“Hello everybody!!! This is Brasil,” she wrote alongside a photo of her pals on Sunday. “Yesterday I had a great night with my friends. My hen party was a success!!!”

To which Walker simply replied, “We know Maria.”

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