This Season's Bachelorette Success Story Has Nothing to Do With Kaytlin

Talk about the strangest season in Bachelor and Bachelorette history!

This season, ABC changed things up a bit for Bachelorette fans, and left many fans surprised by the idea of having two bachelorettes start off season 11. Britt and Kaytlin started the season off the way many may have expected, an over confident Britt did not seem to be frazzled by Kaytlin's presence, and in turn left in a tear filled, emotional mess while a surprised Kaytlin was crowned Bachelorette of the year.

How she was going to deal with many of the men that were clearly there for Britt was something I was very interested in seeing, but somehow, she allowed many of the men to blend into the mix and carried on in typical Kaytlin fashion, with many awkward jokes and a disconcerting sense of humor.

As a Kaytlin fan, I was happy to see the brunette take charge and enjoy the ride. She continues to gain confidence as the show goes on, and a lot of great guys are starting to emerge from the group. The last thing I am sure anyone expected however, was a bromance to turn into an unlikely love story.

This weeks odd, episode started with a lot of butts, as the men tackled each other in diaper like thongs as sumo wrestlers, followed by a strange sex-ed class in which the word clitoris was beeped out, extremely too many references to manly men and then there was the very strange budding relationship between two of the group's sexiest men.

Clint & JJ's bromance, seemed to bloom after he developed a disdain for Kaytlin, because she did not approach him when he expected her to. During Kaytlin's date with Ben Z, and the group outing, the two men spent a lot of time together, even showering with one another.

Clint called their connection a success story, and went on to make it clear that he is in love with JJ.

What was most shocking to the nearly 10 million viewers who tuned in this week, was the fact that Clint, not only hid his feelings from Kaytlin, but attempted to make her believe that he cared about her in order to stay on the show longer for JJ. A deplorable act, for someone who knows that there are people there that are genuinely interested in falling in love with her.

There were however, some great moments in episode 4, including Ben Z's one on one date with Kaytlin. Ben Z made it clear that he was more than willing to make his girl feel safe, even while she faced her worst nightmare (birds!)

From a memorable kiss at the top of the world, to Ben H's awesome and sweet sex ed lesson on, well, sex, and some steamy conversations and kisses, the night wasn't a total bomb. And I am excited to see what comes next, after all, Clint and JJ are both still in the house, and we all know, the right guy does not always get sent home...