FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Nightclub Customer When Agent Does A Backflip

The good news: The victim is OK.

A high-spirited off-duty FBI agent accidentally shot a person at a Denver nightclub early Saturday after doing a backflip while dancing.

The agent was captured on video as his gun tumbled from his waist holster to the floor after he executed his acrobatic maneuver. Just as he reached for the gun, it discharged with a loud pop, striking a patron in the leg. The agent tucked the weapon into his waistband, raised his hands and walked away from the crowd.

The victim was transported to a local hospital in good condition and is expected to recover completely. The nightclub was evacuated, and managers are now considering installing metal detectors, the local Fox News TV station reported.

The unidentified agent was questioned by Denver police before being released to an “FBI supervisor,” Denver’s 9 News TV reported.

Denver police are continuing to investigate. Charges will be determined by the local district attorney’s office.

Check out the incident in the video.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story identified the weapon as a “service revolver.” It is unclear from reports and the video what type of gun it was.

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