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Back in the Tour-Guiding Saddle

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For 25 years, I personally led lots of Rick Steves Europe Tours. But for the last decade or so, I've preferred to just ride along as a tour member instead -- enjoying the work of our hardworking and passionate guides. But this year I've decided to get back into the tour-guiding saddle and personally lead a couple of tours.

My first tour -- a Rick Steves My Way Alpine Europe Tour -- just kicked off in Salzburg, where I met my 26 happy co-travelers. (Our My Way tours are "un-guided," designed to include ample free time. Rather than a tour guide, a My Way tour comes with a tour manager -- that's me -- who gets tour members from point to point, orients them to their options, handles logistics, and answers questions.) It's a joy to be leading our tours again. And over the next 12 days or so, I'll be reporting on the fun we're having, right here on my travel blog and on Facebook.

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