Back to School Means Back to Fitness

Back to School Means Back to Fitness
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It’s the start of another school year. Whether you are starting high-school, university, or sending your toddler to kindergarten, this time of year can be hectic.

You got tonnes of shopping to do, appointments to make, and bills to pay. Nothing’s ever free as we all know.

No matter how hectic our schedules are, it’s important that we all fit a little bit of fitness and proper nutrition into our schedules. The best part is, if you are a college student I got just the perfect company for you to check out.

Freshmen, meet Campus Protein. An online supplement company that is geared towardS supplying top of the line supplements at student prices.

It doesn’t matter what year of college you’re in, students are always looking to save a buck or two. But you also know that it’s important to stay in shape during your college years because well let’s get real, who doesn’t like to look good? How else are you going to get the ladies right?

Looking good and feeling good are two different things and when you have papers due, and classes to wake up for, it’s not always easy. With Campus Protein they have teamed up with leading fitness brands to provide high-quality supplements at affordable prices. Something you probably won’t get at your neighbourhood GNC.

When I spoke with founder and CEO of Campus Protein Russell Saks this is what he had to say,

“My best friends (now business partners) Mike Yewdell, Tarun Singh and I were tired of watching our friends overpay for supplements and make uninformed health and nutrition decisions.”

“We had all recently joined fraternities and noticed that our fraternity brothers were spending an outrageous amount of money on supplements even though they complained that they didn’t have enough money for beer.”

Hence why Campus Protein was born. To provide college students with the resources they need to live a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank and gaining access to a community of like-minded peers. Saks and his business partners started small by renting a storage locker near Indiana University and within 2 weeks of filling it with inventory, they sold out. That was just the validation Saks and his team needed to turn this into something bigger.

Campus Protein is now an American wide operation with a presence in over 275 college campuses and has over 1200 campus reps. Pretty remarkable numbers for a company that was founded in 2010.

Moving forward Campus Protein is focused on creating more products in their private supplement line and expanding to more schools. They currently have a pre-workout they curated themselves called FUEL that has done well with their college demographic. One of their best selling flavors is called Jungle Juice.

Another cool feature I came across is a section on their website where they list the “TOP 25” products currently selling on their site. So if you are someone looking to purchase your first supplement or test out a protein powder, check it out. This section on their website will help give you an idea of what other people are buying.

If you are new to taking supplements or not sure if you will like something. It’s great to see what others are buying because that shows a higher probability that you would like it yourself. To help reinforce your decision send Campus Protein a tweet on Twitter or a message on Instagram. This is a great way to ask for their advice on certain products and get their experts to help you out.

I don’t know about you but after learning about Campus Protein and hearing their story I kinda want to hit the gym now. With their prices and expedited delivery anywhere in the US, there are no excuses for allowing that freshmen 15 to happen.

Let’s go workout!

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