Back To School: 22 Things Your Kid's Principal Won't Tell You (But Wants You To Know)

Before the first day of school, teachers and principals help parents to prepare for the year ahead -- they give you supply lists and make sure you know what time to drop your kid at the bus stop. But there are some things you need to know that won't appear on any back-to-school handout.

Our friends at Reader's Digest interviewed principals, past and present, from all parts of the country, including Utah, New York, Georgia and Vermont, to find out what they really want to tell parents at the start of the school year. Their pearls of wisdom, such as what time is best to set up a meeting (early morning) and their feelings on standardized tests and bad teachers ("You're right, that teacher does stink"), may give you a better appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes. Below are some of the best insights and advice from the people who rule the school.

1. If you want to talk to me about a problem, schedule a morning appointment, when I'm fresh.

Secrets Your Principal Wants You To Know

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