11 Ways To Save On Back To School Shopping

08/14/2013 08:54am ET | Updated August 14, 2013

It's no secret: Shopping for a new school year is expensive.

First, you have to replace any of the basics that didn't survive the previous year, from backpacks and lunch boxes to pencil cases and calculators. Inevitably, you'll also have to replace half of your growing child's wardrobe before the first day, upon which each teacher will send home a specific list of required supplies.

And as kids get older, the expenses get higher. Heading off to college for the first time can cost a family hundreds of dollars when you factor in furnishing a dorm room and purchasing big ticket items like laptops.

But if you shop smart and plan ahead, you can make it through your back to school shopping adventure without any tears or melted plastic. To maximize your back to school savings this year, check out this list of super saving tips, presented by EVEREADY.

11 Back To School Saving Tips