Back-To-School Tips: How Divorced Parents Can Make School Season Less Stressful

6 Ways Co-Parents Can Make Back-To-School Season Less Stressful

If there's ever a time to put aside your differences with your ex, it's during back-to-school season. The start of the school year is stressful enough for kids, without their parents arguing over school fees or who's responsible for helping with an upcoming book report.

So what can divorced parents do to make the back-to-school experience less stressful for their kids? Below, six HuffPost readers share how they've worked with their exes to make the beginning weeks of school a little easier for all involved. Click through the slides below to read their advice, then head to the comments and tell us how you and your ex have kept stress levels down for the kids in years past.

How To Make Back-To-School Less Stressful

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