The Uncanny Predictions 'Back To The Future II' Made About 2015

Turns out they actually did need roads.

The "Future" is here!

On Wednesday, October 21, Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled from 1985 to 2015 in "Back To The Future II" in order to stop McFly's son from being imprisoned. The world they arrive in is vastly different from the one they left. "Jaws 19" is showing in movies, cars look like they're from "The Jetsons," and for some reason women have really bizarre hairstyles.

Here's how the film's version of 2015 stacks up to the one we live in today:

When Marty first arrives in 2015's Hill Valley, he is attacked by an enormous hologram shark promoting the latest "Jaws" movie. In our reality, audiences were similarly freaked out when a hologram Tupac Shakur performed at Coachella in 2012.
Marty hops on a hoverboard to escape a gang led by the grandson of his archenemy, Biff Tannen. Hoverboards as depicted in the movie aren't quite a reality yet, but as Tech Insider points out, we're getting closer. Lexus and Hendo have both debuted hoverboards powered by electromagnets and, earlier this year, a Canadian inventor flew over 900 feet on a propeller-driven one.
Sequels Galore
Universal Pictures
Steven Spielberg's son didn't end up directing a "Jaws 19," but the real 2015 is really, really into sequels. There have been 30Godzilla movies, seven versions of "Saw," and the seventh "Star Wars" flick comes out later this year.
Pepsi Perfect
Marty is shocked when he learns that, because of inflation, Pepsi Perfect costs $50 in 2015. A bottle of Pepsi generally only sells for about $1 or $2 now, but the company is paying tribute to the classic film with a limited edition Pepsi Perfect bottle. It will cost $20.15, which isn't quite $50 but is still high enough to make Marty cringe.
Futuristic Glasses
In the movie, Marty's family dons pairs of high-tech glasses that bear an uncanny resemblance to Google Glass.
Video Chatting
Future Marty has a tense conversation with Douglas Needles in a video call. Thanks to Skype and Google Hangouts, this 'Future' prediction was spot on.
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