'Back To The Future' Remake? Jon Hurwitz Denies Interest In Touching Classic

'American Reunion' Directors DON'T Want To Remake 'Back To The Future'

The perils of print interviews: sarcasm doesn't translate so well in black and white. Such is the lesson learned by "American Reunion" writer-director Jon Hurwitz, who -- with his partner Hayden Schlossberg -- joked in a recent interview with Moviehole that they wanted to take a crack at the "Back to the Future" franchise.

"We want Back to the Future, just come out and say it," Hurwitz said to Schlossberg during the interview. "That's our favorite trilogy. We're always having this conversation."

He continued: "I wouldn't want to do it now because people would be like, 'Oh, there's no way it will be as good as the original.' But 30 years from now when Spielberg's like 90 and those guys are kind of on their way out, and those movies just look really old because we're watching movies that are old, literally in two dimensions or something, it would be great to have all these classics that you're able to remake."

Following the expected amount of outrage Hurwitz's comments caused on the Internet, the screenwriter took to Twitter to clarify his remarks in an extended conversation with the website Slashfilm.

Of course, just because Hurwitz and Schlossberg aren't planning to touch your sacred "Back to the Future" memories doesn't mean they're safe from reinterpretation. Original "BTTF" creators Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale and composer Alan Silvestri are in "preliminary discussions" about bringing "Back to the Future" to Broadway in the near-ish future.

[via Slashfilm]

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