Back to the Future

As we welcome in the New Year, what better time to talk about how styles and hair color of the past will affect your look in 2011?
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The more things change the more they stay the same. This is especially true of fashion. Every trend returns, but always with a twist. Hair color, haircuts and makeup are fashion and the iconic hairstyles of the past will always influence today's styles and trends. As we welcome in the New Year, what better time to talk about how styles and hair color of the past will affect your look in 2011.

The first waif model wasn't Kate Moss. There was an another English model named Twiggy who became the face of the '60s. She was the first androgynous model and epitomized the mod look. She sported an elfin boyish haircut colored a pale blond and wore extraordinarily false eye lashes. Her perpetual gamine frame and overly long legs placed her on the cover of fashion and beauty magazines worldwide. She sounds like she could very well be the latest super model of 2011, but things never quite repeat themselves. Note the new haircut of Emma Watson, the female lead of the "Harry Potter" movies. It is the perfect example of how the cycle of fashion is always turning but constantly changing . She recently cropped her locks, has totally channeled Twiggy and looks amazing. The influence is obvious, but the look has subtle differences. Emma is Twiggy reincarnate with a modern twist. Emma's hair has a deep side part like Twiggy's. Twiggy wore her hair slick to her head with no layers or bangs. The look was stiff and sprayed into place. Emma's hair has layers, movement and a sweeping bang giving it a contemporary look.

Emma did make her hair color more blond, but it still has a natural look. Twiggy's color was basically monochromatic. I would have painted a few lighter strokes of color on Twiggy's hair to give it dimension and a softer, more current look -- but I must admit it still looks good 46 years later.

Even Twiggy's signature makeup is back. Eyelash extensions are, and will continue to be, the hottest trend in 2011. The new lash is thick but not so deliberately and individually placed to make it look artificial. The new lash imitates nature but has an amplified thickness. Like Twiggy's, it makes no pretense of looking real but because of the placement, it does have a more believable look.

Emma Watson is only one example of the past influencing today's styles. Is Gisele Bundchen the reincarnation of Farrah Fawcett of the '7Os? Is there a direct correlation between Kate Middleton and Christy Turlington? Emmy Rossum seems to have cloned Julia Roberts' "Pretty Woman" down to the last wave and curl, but in a much more subdued and modern way.

Hair and makeup constantly change. Often the best indications of tomorrow's looks are from previous trends. Never try to replicate hairstyle, color or makeup from the past. It never looks quite right. Always make sure it is suitable for your lifestyle today.