Back-To-Work Dresses That Feel Like You're Still In Pajamas

You may not be able to wear a nightgown to the office, but you can come close to feeling like you’re in one.
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The end of summer 2021 is rapidly approaching, which for many of us means it’s almost time to return to in-person work.

But after more than a year of work-from-home life, the transition back to the office will inevitably pose several challenges, from figuring out childcare to learning how to socialize with co-workers again. And of course there’s the dreaded question: What the hell am I going to wear?

Indeed, there’s been a reevaluation of dress codes in corporate America amid the pandemic, as many people realized they could still do their jobs effectively in pajamas. It seems those stiff suits and highly structured dresses may be a thing of the past for a number of office workers.

Still, that doesn’t mean sweatpants will be acceptable in-person work attire for all. Instead, we’re seeing an era of compromise between the constricting corporate wardrobes of the past and everyone’s favorite stretchy WFH wear.

“Hybrid dressing,” “workleisure” and “power casual” are among the new terms to describe 2021 office dress codes. Think soft materials, loose silhouettes, stretchy waistbands and billowy skirts.

Fortunately, there are many ensembles on the market that strike this comfortable balance ― especially with dresses.

You may not be able to wear a nightgown to work, but you can come close to feeling like you’re in one. We’ve rounded up some back-to-work dresses with a WFH flair.

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