Backstreet Boys In 'This Is The End': Jay Baruchel On The Famed Boy Band's Surprise Cameo

Warning: Major spoilers ahead about the ending of "This Is The End."

By the time Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and Craig Robinson make it to heaven at the end of "This Is The End," one thing is clear: even after the apocalypse, The Backstreet Boys will always come back.

"When it was kind of mentioned that we might get to work with them, it was across the board: 'Yes, it has to be them,'" Baruchel told HuffPost Entertainment about the Backstreet Boys' appearance, a group performance of the hit single "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" that takes place inside the pearly gates of the great beyond. "Our tongues are nowhere near our cheeks when we're dancing with them. Let there be no mistake: We were so goddamned honored."

According to Baruchel, 31, the heaven sequence was shot over the course of one day, meaning he, Rogen and Robinson had to learn the Backstreet Boys' famous dance moves in a short amount of time. Not that it mattered.

"We weren't as prepared as we should have been, which is part of what made it so bloody funny," Baruchel said.

As Baruchel remembered, the Backstreet Boys -- A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell -- meant a lot to him, Rogen and "This Is The End" co-writer and co-director Evan Goldberg when the trio were growing up in Canada.

"It's a strange little fact about the Backstreet Boys that a lot of Americans don't know is that the the province of Quebec was a test market for them. This is to say that they came out in Canada and had three or four hit singles in Canada before they ever dropped in the states," Baruchel said. "A lot of Americans don't and really, why would you? There's no reason for you to know that. This basically means that all Canadians are just super well-versed in Backstreet."

Fortunately for the "This Is The End" star, the group more than lived up to the years of hype. "They were always the ones I liked the most," Baruchel offered. "They're really, really good, they always had catchy songs and they could dance like motherf--kers."

"This Is The End" is out in theaters now.

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