11 Outdoor Games That Will Make Your House The Coolest On The Block

Whether you’re hosting 10-year-olds or full-grown adults, everyone will want to come out and play.

In every neighborhood, there’s always that one house that’s the “cool” place to be. You know the one: There’s a tangle of bikes in the front yard from kids who rode over a few blocks down. Adults congregate there too, dropping by to talk about the going-ons in the neighborhood and staying for a beer (or two).

Being the fun house has nothing to do with square footage, having a perfectly manicured yard or freshly baked brownies up for grabs. (OK fine, the brownies help.) The fun house always has games to play — that’s what makes it so inviting. If you want to get to know your neighbors or you plan on hosting a few summer shindigs with your friends, games are a must. Not sure what to play? We got you. Check out the 11 games rounded up here.

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A volleyball/badminton set
If you’re fortunate enough to have a sizable backyard, make the most of it by setting up a net game. Two of the most popular are volleyball and badminton and this set comes with everything you need for both.
The concept behind ladderball is simple — teams of two toss the bolas to the ladder with the top ring being worth the most points. But don’t let that fool you; it can get competitive. Be sure to pick your partner wisely!
Bean bag toss
The best backyard games are the ones that can be set up in two seconds and don’t need any explanation for how to play. A bean bag toss checks both boxes. It’s a classic for a reason.
Glow-in-the-dark darts
People are going to be having a grand old time at your place, so you better have some games on hand that people can play after dark. This darts set is perfect for after-hours fun and won’t hurt if someone accidentally gets pegged with one.
A catch ball set
If you want a game that you can play while carrying on a conversation with someone at the same time, catch ball is it; think of it as a less expected activity than throwing a football back and forth. Plus, it’s only $5.
Disc golf toss
Unless you have a massive property, you probably aren’t going to be getting into a game of disc golf in your backyard. But you can do a version of it that’s just as fun with this toss game. Just remember, it’s all in the wrist.
Ring toss
There’s a reason why people shell out $5 at the fair to play ring toss even when they know they aren’t going to win a stuffed animal. It’s fun! This is another backyard game that can be set up in seconds and hardly requires explaining, another reason why it’s a win.
A blade-free ax throwing game
Ax throwing has become pretty popular recently, with ax throw outposts-cum-bars popping up in cities across the country. You can have a (much) safer version at home with this set. It’s blade-free and suitable for anyone age 6 and up.
A four-person game, bocce is perfect for small groups. Every ball in this set has a lined grid etched on for optimal aiming precision.
Carnival bean bag can toss
Stack these numbered cans on a picnic table and hand the kids the bean bags — they’ll be entertained for hours. If only you had goldfish in plastic bags to give the winners.
Horseshoes is another classic backyard game virtually everyone loves. Unlike actual horseshoes, these ones are made of rubber, making them safer for horseshoe players of all ages.

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