Bacon Barter: Oscar Mayer Campaign Has Actor Josh Sankey Using Only Pork As Currency

Oscar Mayer stands by its new bacon so much, or so the company says for its newest advertising stunt, that they think it can send actor/comedian Josh Sankey across the country with it and nothing else. Specifically, 3,000 pounds of its new thick cut bacon that they're touting as "worth its weight in gold," and therefore ought to be used as currency, according to the campaign's logic. For Sankey's journey that means no cash, credit cards or anything else. Sankey plans to visit 12 American cities until his experiment concludes in Los Angeles on September 23.

Tom Bick, director for integrated marketing communications and advertising at Oscar Mayer touted the new product as a "massive, awesome bacon," to the New York Times. So far, the bacon is "awesome" enough to get Sankey a couch to sleep on in Hagerstown, Maryland for 24 bricks of bacon and tickets to a New York Jets game.

While we've seen countless displays of people's love for bacon in recent years, the Bacon Barter is perhaps the only quasi-experiment that sort of quantifies it. You can follow Sankey's escapades on or on Twitter at @BaconBarter.

bacon barter oscar mayer josh sankey

Also be warned: the world of bacon bartering is an unchartered one, and Sankey can't really plan the kind of bacon bartering he'll be doing a head of time. That's where Twitter comes in, as it will help him plan his next moves. That's right folks, the world of bacon bartering is a vast, unpredictable, unexplored world.

See some of the first few videos below:

Correction: The post originally stated that some bacon bartering was planned ahead of time. Instead, most of it will be planned on the fly via Twitter.



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