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Bacon Candle Added To Yankee Candle's Man Collection Would Definitely Be Ron Swanson-Approved (VIDEO)

Just in case you wanted your home to smell like an IHOP.

Ron Swanson only endorses a few things: Morton's salt, Snake Juice... and now, maybe a bacon candle. Yep, our beloved go-to source for making our homes smell fresh like clean cotton and sugar cookies, The Yankee Candle Company, has just launched their newest product, MMM, Bacon!. This, er, interesting choice in aroma is the latest addition to the brand’s Man Candles collection, which already includes Movie Night, which smell like (you guessed it!) popcorn, and a host of other flavors that supposedly are attractive smells to the gents: Man Town, First Down and Riding Mower.

In a press release by the company, Hope Margala Klein, executive vice president of brand, innovation and merchandising said, “Based on feedback from last year’s record-breaking launch, these new scents were a must-have for the collection, especially with bacon poised to be this season’s hot trend. Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon?” Well, yes, we won't argue that we appreciate a whiff on a Sunday morning, but we're not sure we'd choose to have our abodes reeking like lard ALL the time.

Let us know what you think about these new fragrances below, and click through the slideshow of lovely spring candles on sale now.

Spring Scented Candles

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