Bacon-Flavored Maple Syrup: Smucker's Combines Popular Breakfast Flavors

Has the bacon trend come full circle? Smucker's is now offering a new flavor, maple bacon flavored syrup.

On its website, the company explains that the syrup is "a unique combination of two popular breakfast flavors." QSR Magazine points out that a recent Culinary Visions Panel survey that explored taste preferences found that sweet and salty flavors were the most popular among consumers, so we suppose the maple and bacon pairing is only natural.

Still, we can't help but think that bacon has jumped the shark. And moreover, we couldn't help notice that bacon isn't among the ingredients listed on the package, pictured above. Neither is maple syrup for that matter. Here's what it's made of:

Corn syrup, high fructose corn syrp, water, natural and artificial flavor, salt, caramel color.

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