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Bacon-Wrapped Ford Fiesta Now Possible With Vinyl Strips


Now you can roll in smoky goodness.

Ford announced Wednesday that it's selling vinyl strips of bacon to detail 2014 Ford Fiestas.

Is this a porky prank? A crispy slice of a publicity stunt to turn one of its most popular models into a rumaki on wheels? Nope.

"It's obviously kooky and a little irreverent," Ford spokesman Dan Mazei told The Huffington Post. "But that was kind of the point. We thought it was a really cool way to show off how to personalize your car."

Mazei said Ford chose the Fiesta because it was popular among millennials, a demographic looking for something different.

The carmaker timed its pitch to coincide with Saturday's International Bacon Day.

The custom-graphic "pièce de résistance," Ford said, is the full “Bacon Wrap,” consisting of 10 giant strips. But you better be bringing home plenty of bacon to afford it: It'll cost you $3,347, plus installation.

Want to sizzle for less? Two strips on the hood cost $191.25 plus installation. "Mini-strips" run $78.75.

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