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Bacon Houses: So Much Uglier Than You'd Imagine (PHOTOS)

05/03/2013 09:16am ET | Updated May 6, 2013

Some of the greatest discoveries were born of mistakes -- penicillin, the Slinky, and even chocolate chip cookies. Well, we've got another discovery to add to the list, one that derived from a recent Twitter transaction. It all started with a typo, and then it spiraled down a rabbit hole that ended with a Google image search for "bacon houses." And wow, ARE THERE BACON HOUSES. (Yes, we count this as a discovery.)

We love bacon in all its forms, so when we dream of bacon houses they feature wonders like bacon wallpaper that peels off in crispy strips, or maybe chandeliers with dangling shards of glassy candied bacon. (Um, will someone please make a bacon-based Willy Wonka film?) Here's what we do not imagine: Broken-down murder-scene shacks. But unfortunately, that's all that the bacon architects of the internet have mustered up so far. It's bad, guys. In the slideshow below, all your bacon dreams are about to be shattered.

Really people, let's up our game. Bacon deserves more. It's given us so much.

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Bacon Houses