Bacon Lube vs. Honey Lube Great Debate: Which Will You Take Into The Bedroom?

GREAT SEXY DEBATE: Bacon Lube vs. Honey Lube, Which Will You Choose?

Get your spandex and handcuffs out -- it's about to get real slippery in here.

There's been plenty of coverage about the morning-sex-inducing, bacon-flavored lube. But what about all the other greasy love products out there?

Today, a major rival will have its say in what could be the sexiest debate since Lincoln vs. Douglas in 1858. We're talking, of course, about Baconlube vs. Honey Lube.

Yes, the founders of each sexual condiment has decided to lube up and smack down to convince you, the reader, to take their product into the bedroom.

In one corner, there's Baconlube by J & D's Foods -- the result of an April Fool's joke gone viral. Co-founder Dave Lefkow said his product smells as wonderful as the morning waft of sizzling pork in the bedroom.

In the other, there's Honey Lube -- a sexy side project of Honey Care Products -- the brainchild of 20-year-old Maxx Appelman. It's got all the nutrients of honey, and all the fruit produced by the birds and the bees.

But don't take it from us. Make your decision below, read their arguments, and vote!

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