Bacon Scented Smartphone Notifications Smell Like World's Most Perfect Food

Now your meeting reminders can smell delicious.

A new smartphone plug-in accessory can release a puff of bacon smell into the air -- should you choose to live deliciously.

The technology "attaches to headphone socket on both iPhones and Android smartphones and, when told to by the companion app, releases a burst of fragrance, paired with a customizable LED light," Engadget reports.

Other smartphone smells include coffee and strawberry, but you're going to choose bacon, the world's most perfect food.

Android Authority reports that the "Scentee" also has a timer that can release the fragrance of your choice however often you want to smell it. The scent capsules are good for around 100 uses and cost $5.

Only time will tell if the device will lead to weight gain, high cholesterol, heart attack in its users. But until then, just sit back and enjoy the smell of fresh-cooked breakfast any time you want.



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