Bacon-Scented Underwear Exists, And It's Lewder Than You'd Imagine

Goodbye sanity, hello bacon.

We're all for novelty underwear -- you know, day-of-the-week underwear or something emblazoned with Hercules to remind you of your childhood -- but we just discovered bacon-scented underwear.

No, this is not a joke. Yes, you can buy a pair.

One pair of underwear will set you back $19.99 and will keep its bacon scent for at least six months, depending on how often you wash them and, er, how strong your "scent" might be. But just make sure you do wash them, because this is what the sellers have to say about their product:

Science tells us that 45 percent of Canadians prefer bacon to sex -- and now new generations of Canadians won’t have to choose. Because with Bacon Scented Underwear, you won’t know where breakfast ends and your lover starts.

In other words, these undies might score help you score. Whatever your reason for wanting underwear that smells like bacon -- be it gifting, avoiding hygiene, or luring in a partner -- you can find them over at J & D's.

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