Here's How To Make Bacon Shot Glasses

These days, it's not enough to just eat bacon for breakfast. Bacon appears on your cupcakes, in your cookies and even mixed around in your milkshakes. But there is no doubt we have reached peak bacon with this all-meat shot glass:

bacon shot glass
(Photo: Oh Bite It!)

This itty bitty beauty can be crafted in a matter of minutes and comes from the blog Oh Bite It!. To make your very own bacon shot glasses, you'll need a pound of bacon, your favorite spirit (Oh Bite It! suggests maple vodka) and some toothpicks.

After you throw back a shot or two, chase the pain away by consuming your bacon shot glass. The world's insatiable appetite for bacon creations may not be permanently abated, but at least you'll feel pleased with what you've just accomplished (and maybe a little drunk, too).

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