This Toaster For Bacon Is Just What You Need Right Now

Feel better with bacon, America.
01/20/2017 01:29pm ET

Maybe you’re groaning about Donald Trump’s speech, weeping over Michelle Obama’s last outfit, or still racking your brain as to WHY Kellyanne Conway chose to wear a bizarre coat of cats.

But no matter what ails you on this Inauguration Day, we’ve found the cure: This brilliant bacon grill. According to its makers, you simply open it up and lay your meat on...

...then wait a few moments and watch your perfect, crispy bacon emerge.


The Bacon Express is technically a grill, but it looks more like a toaster, as Gizmodo points out. The gadget has a built-in grease catcher for easy cleanup, and its arched grill structure reportedly prevents the shriveling that so often happens in pans.

The Bacon Express is available on Amazon for about $40 plus shipping. See more of the action below: