Bacon vs. Sex: 43% Of Canadians Prefer The Pork

According to a survey conducted by Maple Leaf Foods Inc., when presented with the options of bacon and sex, 43% of Canadians say they'd opt for the bacon. And when asked to rank a series of aromas in order of preference, 23% of men ranked the smell of bacon first.

Other findings of questionable utility, according to Maple Leaf's survey:

When asked if they are good lovers, four out of five respondents (82%) who said they love bacon, also said they are good lovers. And when asked if they are romantic, four out of five respondents (81%) who said they love bacon also agreed they are romantic.

It should be noted that the survey was commissioned by Maple Leaf in conjunction with the release of their new "Reclosable Bacon" line, and the statistical methods and reliability of the poll are both undisclosed and unknown.

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