Bacon Is About To Take Mozzarella Sticks On A Wild Ride

So good they don't need the breadcrumbs.

Bacon, that irresistible breakfast meat we can't stop thinking about, has done it again. It's taken an already delicious food -- in this case, classic mozzarella sticks -- and made them even tastier. We know. We didn't think this feat was possible either. But bacon did it. LOOK:

Oh, Bite It!

The bacon-wrapped mozzarella stick recipe is the brainchild of food blogger Oh, Bite It! (who also brought us the grilled cheese Cronut). We don't know how she continues to come up with these deliciously gut-busting recipes, but we are grateful.

We haven't even told you the best part yet: It calls for only two ingredients: bacon and string cheese. Delicious AND easy. This recipe does away with the breadcrumbs, because who needs those when you have bacon? The string cheese is frozen, wrapped in two strips of bacon and fried until it's golden and crisp. Awesome, we know.

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