Bacon-Wrapped Recipes: How To Eat Bacon With Everything

Can you ever have too much bacon?

There was quite a scare a few years back with the possibility of the Aporkalypse. Word on the street was that the world was going to see a severe bacon shortage. What would we have done with a lot less bacon in our lives?! Luckily, this was not the case.

For many of us, getting our bacon fix is like trying to fill a pitcher of beer with a hole in it -- it just can't be done. That's why we resort to wrapping everything in bacon. Eating a cinnamon roll for breakfast? You should wrap it in bacon. Munching on sweet potato fries? Wrap them in bacon. Fish for dinner? Bacon-ize it!

Here are the recipes you need to do just that.

Cheddar-Stuffed And Bacon-Wrapped Burgers

Bacon Wrapped Recipes

Before You Go

Fresh Fig, Bacon And Blue Cheese Pizza

The Best Blue Cheese Recipes

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