Turkey-Steak Mixup Prompts Half-Ton Recall Of Mislabeled Poultry Filets

Eight hundred and seventy-five pounds -- almost a half-ton -- of turkey filets were recalled from supermarkets in Arizona, California, Maryland, Ohio and Texas this week because of a big labeling mix-up. The filets, which were distributed by Chef's Requested Foods of Oklahoma CIty, were mislabeled as Bacon-Wrapped Steak at the factory before being sent out to grocery stores across the country, according to Food Safety News.

What makes the story especially confusing is that there are no turkey products of any kind on the Chef's Requested Website, only various kinds of steaks. Where did those birds even come from?

Then again, anyone who would pick up a turkey filet and mistake it for a bacon-wrapped steak, regardless of packaging, probably deserves what's coming to them. And despite the un-marked presence of possible allergens wheat and soy, there have been no reported incidents of customers becoming sick after eating the turkey-cum-steaks.

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