Bad Baby Names: 33 Names NOT To Give Your Kid

33 Names NOT To Give Your Baby

Written by Pamela Redmond Satran for Nameberry

Mention baby names at a party -- and I do, frequently -- and someone invariably brings up the name urban legends: the twins named Oranjello and Lemonjello, the baby girl called Female, pronounced fe-MAHL-ee.

We’re not sure those stories were ever true, but if you look at the very bottom of the Social Security baby name records, you can find plenty of other ill-advised names that people actually gave their babies, and really really shouldn’t have.

The names below are so rare that each was given to only five babies in 2012. (To protect privacy, the government only records names used for five or more babies each year, so chances are there are even worse choices out there that didn’t make the official statistics.) Yes, some truly terrible names were given to more than five children last year -- seven little girls were named Anally, for instance, and nine boys were named Havoc -- but focusing just on the very bottom of the government list, here’s what NOT to name your baby, and why.

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