Bad Bosses Cause Employee Stress, Poor Health

Your Job May Be Killing You, And 8 Things To Do About It

It turns out work may very well be the death of you.

Bad managers are the culprits behind enormous health costs and can be a "major source of misery" for many employees, according to psychologist and leadership consultant Robert Hogan, who presented research at the American Psychological Association's annual conference over the weekend.

"Seventy-five percent of working adults say the worst aspect of their job — the most stressful aspect of their job — is their immediate boss," said Hogan, USA Today reports.

Workplace stress isn't just hurting employees. The World Health Organization estimates that stress costs American businesses $300 billion per year due to rising insurance and health care costs, according to Forbes.

And bad bosses aren't the only thing hurting employees' health at work. Studies by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center show that rising American obesity is directly tied to the loss of active jobs. "The more physical activity you do throughout the day, the healthier you are going to be -- bottom line," lead researcher Timothy Church told The Huffington Post in March. "It's hard to explain it, but there is something very powerful about physical activity that reduces stress both short term and long term."

If you sit all day or work the night shift, your risk of developing diabetes or suffering from a heart attack or stroke greatly increase.

If you're looking to beat the odds, heed the advice of these eight tips to keep your job from killing you:

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1. Stop Hoarding

How To Keep Your Job From Killing You

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