These 13 Bad Date Stories Will Turn You Off Dating Altogether

These 13 Bad Date Stories Will Turn You Off Dating Altogether

A lot could go right on a date: The person you're currently sharing sweet potato fries with just might be the love of your life. You could learn that your date is just as into Al Green as you are. You could discover the two of you have zero chemistry on the romantic front, but a lot of potential as good friends.

But a lot could go wrong on a date, too -- very, very wrong. Take it from the people who recently shared their worst dating experiences on Whisper, a free online app that allows users to anonymously share their secrets. Dating can be god-awful.

See below for 13 of the most train-wreck-y anecdotes. A few things you'll learn? It is not OK to float the idea of having a fart war at Red Lobster (or anywhere else, for that matter) and asking a random person for their number while on a date with someone else entirely is off limits. (Way to be a multi-tasker, though.)

Take it away, you poor single people:

No. Just no.

For more anonymous confessions, download Whisper.

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