Our Most Regrettably Bad Food Delivery Orders Of All Time

We made terrible mistakes so you don't have to.

Friends: we've just been alerted that America should once again brace itself for a frigid blast of arctic air. This winter feels like it might just never end, but at least we're getting really good at hunkering down with hot toddies.

In light of this most depressing forecast, we'd like to do two things: 1) remind you that if you order delivery during a snowstorm, a hurricane, or on a day when the wind chill dips below what is humane, you need to tip your delivery person with the generosity of 1,000 Mother Teresas, and 2) memorialize some of our most regrettable delivery orders of all time. These orders were either ill-timed, ill-conceived, not suited for delivery in the first place or made us feel worse than when we started. If we save just one of you from re-creating our nightmares, we'll have done our good deed for the day.

Without further ado, your HuffPost editors' worst delivery orders of all time (all answers are anonymous to protect the dumb-dumbs among us):

"3 chili-cheese dogs with a side of cheese fries." -- Anonymous HuffPost Editor
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"I thought there was a universe in which a medium rare steak with over easy eggs from the diner down the street would actually arrive to our apartment intact and taste good. (It didn't and it didn't.)" -- Anonymous HuffPost Editor
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"Tacos and burritos. They always show up cold and soggy and inedible, yet time and again I think it might work out." -- Anonymous HuffPost Editor
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"After a wine-fueled marathon of watching Game of Thrones, we ordered:

30 (yes, THIRTY) buffalo wings
2 ENORMOUS crab cakes
Some fried oyster mess
2 orders of cheesy bread
Old bay butter on the side

This was in Maryland, hence all the seafood. We didn't even come close to eating it all... there were only two of us." -- Anonymous HuffPost Editor
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"Was really hung over in the middle of a huge snowstorm and ordered some amazing thick crust pizza from a local joint. They forgot the sauce. I ate it anyway, quietly sobbing between bites." -- Anonymous HuffPost Editor
"Nachos in the middle of that really big snow/rain storm a week ago. Took like two hours, and you can only imagine how soggy they were once they arrived." -- Anonymous HuffPost Editor
"I ordered steak tartare from a Chinese restaurant? Needless to say, I don't think it was steak." -- Anonymous HuffPost Editor

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